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Working in the Security, Defense and Firearms Sectors

About the Services of the Law Offices of Gregory J. Miller

The Law Offices of Gregory J. Miller has been a practicing firm for over 36 years in the areas of Technology, Commercial, Firearms, and Corporate Law. We currently represent clients in the Security, Firearms, and Defense sectors. We have served as special counsel to defense contractors providing oversight for compliance with laws related to the import and export of regulated items under the AECA, with internal auditing standards under the GCA and NFA. Within the Security Industry we have handled dozens of acquisitions and sales of companies and worked as part of the management team to lower legal costs working with local counsel nationwide. We represent several large auction houses to assure compliance with Federal Regulations and have worked with energy companies ranging from mom and pop service stations to billion dollar international companies.  

We work closely as advisors and as counselors at law to structure acquisitions, teaming agreements and commercial law documents for clients in the security, cleaning, shipping, energy, alternative energy and defense industries. We can assist with ATF and ITAR compliance programs or handle these issues as part of an acquisition strategy. We routinely work with in-house counsel or outside counsel as part of a team to structure deals in high risk or highly regulated industries for defense items and technology related products.

Primary Focuses

  • Defense Industry
  • Acquisitions - Military Vendors within Energy, Security, and Firearm Industries 
  • ITAR - International Trade and Arms Regulations - Import and Exporting Arms in The US for Defense contractors 
  • ATF - Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms - Import/Export for Individuals within the Firearm or Defense Sector 
  • NFA - National Firearms Act 
  • Firearms - Pistol Permit Appeals
  • Licenses and Permits
  • Revocations
  • Pardons 
  • Import/Exports
  • FFL License

Three Decades of Serving the Sporting Community

Attorney Miller is the independent counsel for the US LawShield for Connecticut. Attorney Miller was for many years affiliated with the NY Firm of Benenson & Kates. As part of the B&K team the firm handled matters in the US District Courts, and in Connecticut handled Dwyer vs. Farrell, which established pre-emption for Firearms Laws in Connecticut and Benjamin vs. Bailey which on behalf of the NRA  challenged the CT Assault Weapon Ban on Constitutional Grounds. He successfully defended a Judicial Marshall wrongfully charged with possession of a Sporting Shotgun at Compo Beach in Westport, and has appeared before both the CT Board of Pardons and the CT Board of Firearms Permit Examiners. The firm has represented firearms dealers, manufacturers, ranges and individuals on issues related to Firearms Rights.  Attorney Miller has been a speaker at CCDL in Connecticut and is a Benefactor of the NRA, and a member of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, and the Parker Gun Collectors Association. The firm currently represents five firearms manufacturers, several firearms dealers  and handles Federal ATF/NFA work for clients nationwide, including import export compliance and applications for classification to the ATF Technical Branch.