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Get a U.S. LawShield® Membership in Connecticut 

If you’re a gun owner and want to stay protected in times when self-defense is required, a U.S. LawShield® membership is the right solution for you. A U.S. LawShield membership covers all legal weapons and can be customized based on your needs.

If you’re ready to join this 700,000+ member community, visit Member Sign-Up - U.S. LawShield (

The Benefits of a US Law Shield Membership

Your membership will stand with you throughout the full legal process. In some cases, the “nightmare” doesn’t end with your acquittal in criminal court—there may be appeals, retrials, or even a civil lawsuit brought against you. Your U.S. LawShield membership is with you in both criminal and civil court, with no out-of-pocket expenses beyond the membership fee.

In addition to extensive protection, you can also customize a U.S. LawShield membership to include gun owner identity theft coverage, minor children, hunter and angler regulatory assistance, multi-state protection, bail bond and expert witness services, and more.

Your membership plan also includes annual and monthly payment options, making it easier to find a solution that works for your budget.

Gregory Miller

How Becoming a U.S. LawShield® Member Can Help You

As an independent program attorney for U.S. LawShield, Gregory J. Miller is able to provide you with the full advantages of a U.S. LawShield membership. With your U.S. LawShield membership, you won’t pay more than your membership fee.

No matter how extensive your trial is, Attorney Miller will have your back. No legal expenses, no hidden fees, just one cost: your membership fee. Have questions? Visit Member Sign-Up - U.S. LawShield ( today.

Emergency Legal Services

Benefit from around-the-clock legal services. A U.S. LawShield membership ensures you get legal services when you need them the most. Whether it’s 3 a.m., a holiday, or late at night, you’ll get the support that you need.

When you call for emergency legal services, you’ll talk directly to a response member who will have Attorney Miller contact you. Visit Member Sign-Up - U.S. LawShield ( today to start your U.S. LawShield membership.

Start Your U.S. LawShield® Membership Today

Whether you’re seeking self-defense protection or wanting to join a community of like-minded gun owners, a U.S. LawShield® membership is the answer. You can start your membership today by visiting Member Sign-Up - U.S. LawShield ( .